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A brand

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who is it and what is it?

Pierre, Lise and Charly.

So Pierre, the tall bearded man with the blue t-shirt, Lise, no doubt, it's the girl in the center and Charly, the brunette with the big smile on the left.

For the little story ...

At the beginning, it's a rather interesting idea, we have just renovated our apartments, we have boards piled up in the living room, in short, it's messy.

So we are looking for a "trick" to store them that fits well with our brand new decor and there ... We are not really convinced by what we see. And the problem also arises with bicycles, motorcycle helmets, rollerblades, skateboards and all the rest!

To make it short ...

We didn't want to choose between practical and aesthetic.

What we want ...

Decorative furniture to store your equipment and which finds its place in your interior.

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What we also wanted ...

It is creating a brand and products in which we believe and therefore with values that resemble us. For that, we searched, tested, searched until we found the right suppliers with quality raw materials and great know-how. But not only…

We explain ...

Fichier 4.png

Wood from sustainably managed French forests and transformed in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Cork from Portugal


Then, direction the ESAT of Idron,

in the 64.

Manufacturing that helps promote employment and skills development for people with disabilities .

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The intentions are there and we will do everything to keep this good line of conduct and develop objects that will have meaning for us and we hope for you too.
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